While these are our opinions, we prefer a Mountain Ice that is clear on the bottom of the sphere, and somewhat cloudy “snow covered” on top.



If you are really intent on making your mountain clear, follow these suggestions and realize that many actions create clear ice. Some of the main elements known to affect the clarity of the ice are:

  • Freezer temperature.
  • Water mineral content.
  • Time to freeze.
  • Direction of the freeze.



So, with these in mind, this is what we have learned about making our mountains clear.

  1. Freeze the cube slowly. This means that a temperature that is close to 20 degrees F. seems to work the best. This will take the mold an average of 12-14 hours to accomplish this.
  2. Use an insulated container to house the mold so that it forces the freezing to occur from the top of the mold down. The faster this process occurs the cloudier the cube will be at the mountain, promoting the snowy affect.
  3. If your water has minimal mineral content it will help to keep the cloudiness out. If you are unsure, double boil the water, let cool, pour water into the mold, and let freeze.